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FBA Coaches

FBA is constantly searching for coaches who have a strong understanding of basketball fundamentals, a proven ability to teach athletes a greater understanding of the game, and competitive coaching experience. All coaches should firmly understand the overall goal of FBA, which is player development. Therefore, coaches are committed to emphasizing during all skills sessions and practices: defense, ball handling, proper shooting mechanics, rebounding, passing, and teamwork.

In addition, we strive to have non-parent coaches involved in the academy, with the understanding that there will be individual circumstances where a qualified parent-coach will benefit the club and team. However, parent-coaches will not coach their own child at any level.

All FBA coaches are hand-picked and will follow the philosophy of the academy to teach sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and teamwork. Also, FBA coaches will be screened to insure the safety of our athletes, parents, as well as league and team environments. All coaches must be fingerprinted and certified through their school district or FBA.

FBA administration and directors will evaluate each coach at the conclusion of the season to ensure effective communication and to maintain a high standard in our coaching ranks.


FBA Team

  • Jeff Fryer - Executive Director (bio)
  • Billy Thompson - FBA Huntington Beach Director and Coach


  • Brandon Brothers – Current player at Vanguard University
  • Stephen Ferry - Assistant Coach, Concordia University, former college player @ Concordia U.
  • Brandon Hood - Current player at Vanguard University
  • Connor Kennedy – Current player at Vanguard University
  • Garrett Roldan – Former player at Concordia University
  • Billy Thompson - Head Varsity Coach, Huntington Beach High School
  • Brian Trevino – FBA Coach
  • Don Turner – former Associate Head Varsity coach at Redondo Union High School
  • Tino Zaragoza - Freshman Head Coach, Huntington Beach High School, former player @ Vanguard U.

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